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System Info ActiveX Control

System Info ActiveX Control System Info ActiveX Control provides vital system information in real-time System Info ActiveX Control provides the following real-time vital system information:-Address translation (ARP) table.-ICMP protocol information and statistics: Networking interfaces table information and statistics, IP address table, IP protocol information and statistics, IP routing table, TCP connect table, TCP protocol information and statistics, UDP connect table, UDP protocol information and statistics.

SkSystemInfo ActiveX Control SkSystemInfo ActiveX Control provides vital system information in real-time
SkSystemInfo ActiveX Control

connect table information. -TCP protocol information and statistics. -UDP connect table information. -UDP protocol information and statistics. It can be used from any 32-bit Windows development environment, including Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Delphi. SkSystemInfo ActiveX Control is capable of processing multiple system information requests simultaneously. SkSystemInfo ActiveX Control comes witha full documentation, sample code, and working demo

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dbQwikMySSH Connect to MySQL using SSH, encrypt data, bypass port 3306 blocking

Secure MySQL data transmissions to your PC. Connect to MySQL servers that block remote connections. This program is a fantastically simple way to connect to MySQL using SSH encrypted tunnels. It has a built in SSH client and connection manager. The program features a visual interface, that clearly shows you which connections using the SSH tunnel and which are not. Reconfigure connections to use SHH with a single click.

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Secure Dialer 1.1: Your can protect yourself against attempts to hijack your internet connection
Secure Dialer 1.1

connects your modem. - While some malicious software tries to secretly dial another number. - It enables user to securely connect to the internet; also alerts when malicious software tries to disconnect user. - Alerts user incase internet line connects the user to a premium rate number. If you use dial-up modem to connect to the Internet, you have probably came across deceptive dialing applications or websites that try to disconnect your Internet

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XC Connect 3.3.009: Calendar, Contact & Task Sharing between Outlook, Entourage, iCal & Address Book
XC Connect 3.3.009

Connect enables users to create, modify and share Calendar, Contact and Task information between and across Microsoft Outlook, OS X iCAL and Address Book, Microsoft Entourage and/or Novell Evolution desktop`s. XC Connect provides users with the ability to share personal folders as well as the ability to create and share public folders with specific membership. The XC Connect solution consists of two components: the XCN Server and XC Connect client

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Genius Connect - Journal Connect Outlook or Exchange Journal to any SQL Database
Genius Connect - Journal

connectivity to any standard SQL Database. -Attachments support -Extract attachments to a folder -2 way sync A journal folder can be linked to a database table or view. You can use your own table structure and define conversions for columns with data type`s that are not compatible with an Outlook field. It is possible to use GeniusConnect on multiple Outlook or Exchange folders and multiple databases. GeniusConnect is an Outlook Add-On and becomes

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MultiNetwork Manager Std 8.0.11: Connect your laptop anywhere fixed or wireless, quickly and securely
MultiNetwork Manager Std 8.0.11

Connect anywhere fixed or wireless, quickly and securely, using powerful multi-profiling UI and wizards. The need to connect your computer to different networks is growing as we enjoy the new possibilities of mobile working. Wireless networking is changing the way we work and live our lives. We expect to be able to connect and work from wherever we are. The benefits are obvious, but the technical complexity for the user is increasing.

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